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Barbara Bellissimo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Online Tools Essential for Collaobrating Across States

 Using online tools such as Google Hangout, Google Docs, WebEx, and Twitter, Kentucky teachers are showing they will do what it takes to make a collaboration project with Colorado teachers benefit their students.  As mentioned in the previous Common Assignment post, teachers are collaborating across states to create common units of study. 

While the bulk of the fall unit preparation was completed face-to-face in Seattle over the summer, teachers are currently refining and revising the units of study now that they have met their students and have a better understanding of what each student needs to be successful.  Anyone who has ever been a teacher will tell you, your work doesn't end when the final bell rings at the end of each day.  Kentucky and Colorado teachers are collaborating after school hours and even on the weekends to make this project a success.  According to English teacher, Sherri McPherson, the benefit of this collaborative project is the team of teachers from two states teaching at the same time and making adjustments based on feedback they provide to each other.  They are in this work together with "no lone wolves."

Lafayette High English Teacher, Sherri McPherson, collaborating online Sunday afternoon

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